Call this a hasty thumbnail sketch of the "protesters" if you will , but ten to one odds are that none of them are SF/Oakland natives. So its one set of transplant gentrifiers that changed the economic landscape /made it inhospitable to lower income natives complaining about a more recent transplant gentrifier doing the… » 4/16/14 9:28am Wednesday 9:28am

Jesus H. Christmas! Un-clench your sphincters, grammar nerds! You are not copy editing the letters to Harper's. Its friggin' Gawker!(Note: multiple apostrophes , unnecessary parentheses ,and punctuation errors intentionally left in to further drive you up your stupid grammar OCD wall... Wait. I meant to write, 'you're… » 4/11/14 10:15am 4/11/14 10:15am

But if you leave now, you'll miss the opening of the artisan candy dispensary that is "inspired" by the original candy factory that once stood on that site! It'll be run by two guys with olde-tyme-y handlebar mustaches and tasteful full sleeve tattoos! I totally saw them profiled on the Sartorialist last month! » 3/13/14 12:09pm 3/13/14 12:09pm